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Frequently Asked Questions

Your guide to AgentConnect

  • What is AgentConnect?
    AgentConnect serves as a comprehensive overseas recruitment directory, designed to substantially amplify agents exposure and broaden the scope for employers. It facilitates seamless connections by bridging the gap between overseas recruitment agencies in source countries and employers across the GCC host countries. AgentConnect’s advanced search functions enable employers to select recruitment agents using criteria like geographical presence, specialized industries, performance ratings, and professional certifications.
  • Is there a fee to use AgentConnect?
    AgentConnect operates without any fees for both employers and overseas recruitment agents, ensuring free access to our comprehensive directory.
  • How do I register as an agent on AgentConnect?
    Agents can easily claim their agency at no cost by registering. Simply select the 'Agent Sign Up' option. The registration process involves verifying your email address and mobile number, along with uploading a copy of your license and the GM/Owner's ID, to confirm your authorization to claim the agency listed below.
  • Is registration required as an employer to access AgentConnect data?
    Access to certain information on AgentConnect is available without registration. However, to gain full access to all data, registering is necessary.
  • How can AgentConnect assist me in growing my agency's business?
    By registering on the platform, agents enhance their visibility to employers who are in active search of hiring manpower. This increased exposure can significantly improve business opportunities and pave the way for growth.
  • How can AgentConnect benefit my business as an employer?
    AgentConnect provides employers with access to a vast directory of recruitment agents from various regions, enabling them to find the right partners for their specific hiring needs.
  • Are agents listed on AgentConnect verified?
    Yes, AgentConnect ensures the reliability of its platform by implementing a verification process for all agents listed. This process includes checking credentials, licenses, and other relevant documentation to confirm the authenticity of the agents. By doing so, AgentConnect aims to maintain a trustworthy environment for both employers and recruitment agents.
  • Is my candidate data visible to employers or other agents?
    No, your candidate data is not visible to employers or other agents. AgentConnect prioritizes privacy and confidentiality, ensuring that sensitive candidate information is securely protected and accessible only to the agent who uploaded it, unless explicit permission is given for sharing with specific parties.
  • What is Workforce360?
    Workforce360 was founded in 2020 in the GCC, to address the key challenges facing the overseas recruitment of skilled and unskilled labor. Our primary goal is to assist industries often overlooked by conventional recruitment technology. Such as Manpower, Construction & Contracting, Facility Management, Healthcare Services, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Retail, and other service-oriented industries.
  • Can I hire manpower directly through AgentConnect?
    Workforce360 provides an applicant tracking system specifically tailored for recruiting both skilled and unskilled labor to GCC countries. This system is ideal for high-volume manpower hiring in fast-paced environments. For more information about our GlobalRecruit ATS, please visit:
  • Who can I contact for support or more information?
    Kindly reach out to us via email at

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